Yangon to Mandalay by Train

Yangon to Mandalay

Temples of Mandalay

The Yangon to Mandalay route is the busiest in Myanmar’s network. The first and second largest cities in Myanmar are linked by 716 km of track, a distance which Myanmar’s passenger train cover in 14 to 15 hours giving a average speed of travel of 45 to 50 km per hour. Take the time to enjoy the scenery, soak up the lively atmosphere on the train, have a beer, read a book or sleep anything but get upset at the slow progress of the train.

Best Trains to Book from Yangon to Mandalay

Myanmar Train Tickets

Tickets to Mandalay

The most comfortable train to book is Train #3 departing at 17:00 because it has upper class sleeper seats and a restaurant. The other overnight through train, Train #5, is newer but has no sleeper car.

Train Timetable Yangon to Mandalay

  • Depart: 06:00 Arrive: 21:00 (Same Day) Train: #11
  • Depart: 15:00 Arrive: 05:00 (+ 1 Day) Train: #5
  • Depart: 17:00 Arrive: 07:45 (+ 1 Day) Train: #3
Location of Yangon Central Train Station

Location of Mandalay Train Station

Hotel Deals in Mandalay

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