Yangon to Inle Lake by Train

Yangon to Inle lake by train

Fisherman using traditional techniques on Inle Lake

This is a train journey of two halves. The first half of the journey is a relatively fast train from Yangon to Thazi junction. This roughly 500 km first section of the journey takes 11 to 12 hours depending on which train you catch. The second half of the journey is the ‘Slow Train From Thazi’ which goes to Shwenyaung, which is a 20 minute bus or 15 minute taxi journey away from Inle Lake. This second train journey takes around 10 hours to travel the 140 km up to Shwenyauang, which is the nearest train station to Nyaungshwe, a village on the edge of Inle Lake. The slow train from Thazi up to Inle Lake is one of Myanmar’s great train journeys. As well as fantastic scenery as you wind up through the hills, travellers also get a glimpse into traditional Myanmar life. This is a proper local train which people use to transport goods and life for sale or use. At the moment few foreign tourists undertake this journey and it remains an authentic travelling experience.

Best Trains to Book from Yangon to Shwenyaung (for Inle Lake)

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The best option is to catch Train #3 departing at 17.00 from Yangon to Thazi where you change to Train #141 from Thazi to Shwenyaung departing at 07.00. Train #3 has a Sleeper Car and arrives at 04.55 at Thazi giving passenger the opportunity to get some sleep before the 10 hour onward train journey to Inle Lake.

Train Timetable (Section 1): Yangon to Thazi

  • Depart: 15:00 Arrive: 02:08 (Next Day) Train #5
  • Depart: 17:00 Arrive: 04:55 (Same Day) Train #3
Train Timetable (Section 2) Thazi to Shwenyaung

  • Depart: 05:00 Arrive: 14:50 (Same Day) Train #143
  • Depart: 07:00 Arrive: 17:00 (Same Day) Train #141
Location of Yangon Central Train Station

 Location of Shwenyaung Train Station

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