Train & bus times – Naypyitaw to Mawlamyine

The only direct way to travel from Naypyitaw to Mawlamyine is to take a bus. For other transport options you need to first travel to Yangon and change there.

Train Times to Mawlamyine

There are no direct trains from Naypyitaw to Mawlamyine. You can, however, get a train from Naypyitaw to Yangon and then another train from Yangon to Mawlamyine.

Yangon Mawlamyine Train Journey
07:15 17:00 89 9 hrs 45 m
21:00 06:45 35 9 hrs 45 m

Bus Times to Mawlamyine

There is a single direct bus services a day from Naypyitaw to Mawlamyine which you can book online.

Naypyitaw Mawlamyine Company Journey
20:00 06:00 Mandalar Minn Express 10 hr 00 m
  • One way bus ticket: $ 12.00 USD.

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Location of Yangon Train Station

Train services to Mawlamyine depart from Yangon Central Station.


Naypyitaw Bus Station

Bus services to Mawlamyine depart from the Myoma Bus Station in Naypyitaw.

Location of Mawlamyine Train Station

Trains from Yangon go to Mawlamyine Railway Station.


Mawlamyine Bus Station

Bus services from Naypyitaw arrive in Mawlamyine at Mawlamyine Highway Bus Station.

About Mawlamyine

Mawlamyine is a great place to stop off for a couple of days on route overland from Myanmar to Thailand via the border crossing at Mae Sot. Mawlamyime is Myanmar’s fourth largest city and it has a long and interesting history with plenty of old buildings to visit including colonial era buildings from period from 1826 to 1852 when the city was the first British capital in what was then called Burma. In addition to the buildings visitors can enjoy the riverside views, take boat trips on the Salween River to several islands, and enjoy the very traditional atmosphere of a city that has resisted the modern age clinging on to age old traditions and a way of life that has flourished for hundreds of years.

Mawlamyine is located on a river delta

Mawlamyine is located on a river delta

Amongst the notable sights in Mawlamyime are:

  • Win Sein Taw Ya Giant Buddha: An 180 metre long reclining Buddha located 20 km south of Mawlamyime within a large temple complex.
  • Kyaik Than Lan: The largest stupa in Mawlamyime famously believed to have been referred to in a Rudyard Kipling poem.
  • Mahamuni Paya: The largest of five hilltop pagodas overlooking the city of Mawlamyime.
  • Visit Bilu Island: Bilu Island is a large island located across the river to the west of Mawlamyime city. Bilu Island has lots of Mon communities living in small villages making a living from traditional industries and is a great place to explore by motorbike or tuk-tuk.

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